Cloud Cost Management Will Become a Challenge for Businesses

Latin America. According to IDC Latin America, during 2023, 30.4% of Latin American companies will have to invest in the public cloud, so it is essential to properly manage its costs so as ...

Office supply in Bogota continues to decline

Colombia. Bogota's corporate real estate market is going through a period of slowdown in its post-pandemic-induced recession recovery cycle. During this time, demand has begun to pick up as prices stabilize and conditions ...

Three Key Metrics in Commercial Real Estate Management, According to JLL
gestión inmobiliaria

Latin America. Today, commercial real estate management has become a complex process, where multiple factors influence the success of a building or office complex.

Informed decision-making has become critical, and for this, it is ...

Maintenance Recommendations for Business Facilities

Latin America. Preventive maintenance is a vital necessity when it comes to guaranteeing the operational efficiency of a company, not only because of the possibility of saving costs, but also to avoid possible ...

CleanTec & FM Days Colombia: Driving Sustainability Awareness and Innovative Practices

Colombia.On November 2nd, Bogota witnessed an event of great importance in the field of sustainability, the CleanTec & FM Days Colombia. This event, which brought together experts, business leaders and key players in ...

Facts to keep in mind: empowering building management with BMS

International. In today's world, building management systems (BMS) play a critical role in empowering facility managers and commercial building owners to monitor, control, and optimize a number of plumbing systems efficiently.

A building management ...

Commercial Real Estate Management: Keys to Success in the Modern Age

International. In the current context, commercial real estate management has become a complex process, where multiple factors influence the success of a building or office complex. Informed decision-making has taken on a fundamental ...

Honeywell: On the Path to a Sustainable Future in Real Estate Development

Latin America. In a global scenario that seeks to mitigate the effects of climate change, sustainability has ceased to be a mere trend and has become an inescapable imperative. Business leaders are embracing ...

New Products
Special line of fuel pumps

Delphi Technologies
Additions to the Sparta line cover 4.9 million VIO in the U.S. and nearly 347,000 VIO in Canada. Products include fuel pump module assemblies, fuel tank ...

Mobile application for automotive filter exchange

Purolator Filters
The PurolatorDIY app is available for iPhone and Android mobile device users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It allows ...

Forked radiator hose

The Dayco hose for bifurcated radiator is an ideal replacement for the original forked hose.

The hose is constructed with EPDM and resists the effects of oil, mud, ...

More in Depth ...
Will artificial intelligence put us out of work?

This is a common concern in the digital age we live in. The answer to this question is complex and depends on many factors. However, here I will ...

Fire resistance in buildings

Fire resistance is understood as the ability of a constructive element to maintain its properties in the presence of a fire for a certain time.

by Jaime ...

Your office design is more important than you think

The way of working has changed a lot in recent years, online work opened a new opportunity to rethink the importance of how to manage space and technologies ...

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